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De novo design of chimeric enzymes


The CHImerASE project intends to develop a platform for the design of chimeric enzymes applied to new biotransformation steps. The team aims to deliver an efficient de novo designed enzyme to accomplish a high value industrial transformation that is currently only accessible via a laborious conventional chemical process. The consortium partners strongly believe that such innovative approach will represent a breakthrough in the biocatalysis field with a significant impact at industrial, economical and environmental levels.

The multilateral consortium was set up based on the complementary expertise of three academic and non-profit research institutions, a world's leading chemical company which has a top market position in speciality chemicals manufacture and delivery, as well as unique know-how in biotech technology transfer and industrial process scale-up, and a SME biotech with consulting and manufacturing experience of engineered enzymes, resulting in a transnational cooperation between Austria, Germany and Portugal.


Project partners