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CRC 1208 Lecture: Antje Heese, University of Missouri-Columbia

Chemie-BC Chemie-SFB 1208 Chemie-SFB 1208 intern Chemie-Termine

Antje Heese, University of Missouri-Columbia, will give a talk about
"Navigating the cellular seas: Roles of vesicular trafficking in environmental stress responses in plants" on Thursday, November 10th, 2022
4:30 p.m.. in lecture hall 6L.

Antje Heeses main interest is in delineating novel roles of vesicular trafficking components in modulating the abundance of plasma membrane proteins for effective plant immune responses. More recently, her lab has expanded its studies to gain insights into their functions in iron (Fe) deficiency responses and plant hormone homeostasis. 

Host: Petra Bauer

Guests are welcome!

Webex link
Meeting-Kennnummer: 2733 191 1443
Meeting Passwort: acUP9j9kQV9


10.11.2022, 16:30 Uhr - 18:00 Uhr
CRC 1208
Ort: HS 6L